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What I Do: I'm here to help you tell your story, bringing your brand / business idea ―personal or corporate― to life! With fantastic style and presence. Do you have ideas, but you're not certain how to assemble them? Let's collaborate. Lack of creativity and imagination? I'm your catalyst. Have camera, will shoot. I make you look good. You name it? I can create it. Not certain how all this website / branding / social media marketing hoopla is wired? I do. I'm here to personally assist you in giving your business a very professional edge, albeit with a very human, creative and fun aspect! Out with the 'dryguy' (not to undermine, as there's most certainly a time and place for everything). Let's have fun while creating your vision! That's what it's all about, having a bit of fun―adding the spark! It's all an adventure afterall... ;-) You ready? 

Portrait Photography ― of every style: Headshots, Corporate, Acting, Model, Family, Children, Senior, Glamour, Creative Conceptual. Lifestyle, social media, website branding shoots. Professional digital retouching available. Pricing.

Event Photography ― with an affinity for shooting in a photo-journalistic storytelling style, capturing the magic of each priceless moment to treasure forever. From intimate family get-togethers to major corporate functions. You set the stage, I bring The Magic. ;-) Pricing.

Real Estate Photography ― In the sea of rental & sales competition online today, the power of crisp, bright, professional photos cannot be denied. In this day and age you have two seconds to grab your potential client's attention before they look elsewhere. Professional images are an important real estate marketing component—if not the most important—as well as wise investment in the sales or rental of your property. The images you post online will be the first introduction to potential buyers or renters using other real estate listings to compare. Fact: using professional real estate photography (as opposed to dimly light, unstaged amatuer phone photography), your property or rentals will sell or rent faster, as well as at a higher price. PEOPLE LOVE GREAT VISUALS. Real estate photography is excellent for visual online galleries, rentals, sales and sharing on realty websites & social medias. Bottomline: professional photos increase your profit. Pricing.

Additional Photography Services ― Heirloom Image Restoration, Insurance Photography. Pricing.

Website  Design + Development ― Total Package Business-in-a-Box to simple starter blog packages for every budget. Price list by request. Email: or call (502) 272-9376

Creative Consulting + Direction ― Architect of visually cohesive and comprehensive online presence / branding packages across the web, from your website & social media platforms, to creative photography, content creation and management. Optimizing your SEO and rank in Google Search Engine. With many tricks, tools & tips I have learned along the way. One time creation pricing available, as well as monthly pricing for continued maintenance, promotion, social media management + content creation of brand/website. Price list by request. Email: or call (502) 272-9376

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