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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome to event coverage of The 12th Annual Cabbage Patch Auction, held at the  beautiful Henry ClayAll the wonderful sponsors and participants who came out to support the 12th Annual Auction, became part of The Cabbage Patch’s more than 105-year legacy!  The Cabbage Patch impacts the lives of 1,000-1,200 children, youth, and adults annually through core programs in Recreation/Youth Development, Educational Opportunities, and Counseling & Family Services. Through the development of relationships and life-long friendships, they give children, youth, and adults resources to achieve their full potential in all areas of life, laying a foundation for life-long learning inside and outside the classroom. This year’s Auction theme reflects Cabbage Patch's legacy and serves as a reminder that any child can “Make History.”

During the Auction, guests had the opportunity to make a donation to Cabbage Patch's College Scholars Program that provides college preparation, higher education funding and support to capable, motivated young people of The Cabbage Patch. These scholarships help bridge the financial gap often created after student loans and grants have been applied toward college tuition, fees, and expenses. Personal attention and support are provided to each Cabbage Patch College Scholar throughout their college career, greatly increasing their likelihood of graduation.

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House relies on private funding from individuals, businesses, churches, service organizations, and foundations to support their mission to profoundly change lives. They do not solicit government funding and are not a United Way Agency. Approximately 22% of  their annual operating budget comes from special events, such as the Annual Auction. A huge round of thanks going out to ALL the amazingly generous people and sponsors who came out to support such a life-changing cause for children!

Please scroll down below the fold to view full gallery of All Event images: details, venue, participants, auction items. FUN times for an amazing cause!

Thank-You to the Amazing Sponsors of The 12th Annual Cabbage Patch Auction!

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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House mission is to equip and empower at-risk children, youth, and their families, to be self-sufficient by helping them maximize their economic, educational, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual potential. In 2015, “The Patch” celebrated its 105th year of profoundly changing lives.

For more information on how you might be of help to The Cabbage Patch Settlement House's wonderful mission please read more at: www.cabbagepatch.org

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