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School Choice Scholarships

Educate • Invest • Empower

The following gallery is a combination all School Choice Scholarships event photos taken by InspireIntent.com, thus far (more to come:), as I am a HUGE advocate of School Choice Scholarships, wanting to assist their mission in any way possible. This organization has been a champion in changing many children in our community's future potentials. They're an absolutely amazing organization, making generous contributions through education that are truly changing many children & their family's lives. If you were to ask me if I have any heroes in life? Bingo. You're looking at many of them within this set of images. 

School Choice Scholarships is supported entirely by private contributions & donors who assist School Choice Scholarships in its mission to give low income families the ability, or rather, the choice, to provide their children with a quality education, in an effort to continue changing lives through education. School Choice is immensely grateful to many individuals for all of their continued kindness and would like to say a tremendous thank-you to them for their invaluable support.

In the 16 years since School Choice Scholarships was founded, the program has awarded more than 4,500 scholarships to children throughout Louisville, giving them the ability to attend more than 60 private and parochial schools within the community that their families would otherwise not be able to afford; scholars of the program consistently show enormous improvements in academic performance, and their families report improved behavior and a growing enthusiasm for learning, thus changing the face of private education one scholarship at a time.

To learn more about School Choice Scholarship's mission to Educate, Invest & Empower. Or how you can help this wonderful organization that is changing children's lives, please visit: www.schoolchoiceky.org for more information.

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