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The Power of Professional Real Estate Photography: In the sea of rental & sales competition online today, the power of crisp, bright, professional photos cannot be denied. In this day and age, you have two seconds to grab your potential buyer/renter's attention before they look elsewhere. Professional images are an important real estate marketing component—if not the most important—as well as wise investment in the sales or rental of your property. The images you post online will be the first introduction to potential buyers or renters using other real estate listings to compare. Fact: using professional real estate photography (as opposed to dimly light, unstaged amateur phone photography), your property or rentals will sell or rent faster, as well as at a higher price. PEOPLE LOVE GREAT VISUALS. Real estate photography is excellent for visual online galleries, rentals, sales and sharing on realty websites & social media. Bottom line: professional photos increase your profit.

What You Get: All real estate photography purchased will receive optimally resized & digitally edited images for the marketing of your property online. When you receive your images they will be edited and ready for any of your marketing campaigns or sharing on social media. Also optimal for postings on MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Airbnb, Craigslist, etc.—wherever you market your real estate. All images will be sized and cropped, saving you time. All the images from your home or property shoots will be processed using the best image editing software available, so you can be sure your finished product will look its best. All photos conveniently delivered with your own password protected page for each property for instant download. A direct link to a high-resolution slideshow gallery and webpage of property for realtor or lease agent to use in the marketing of their property. Usual turnover time, photos delivered to the client within one day of shooting. A typical real estate shoot takes about an hour—if the client has the house or apartment completely cleaned and staged for its photos. The bulk of time involved in a real estate shoot takes place after pictures hit edit and post-production, upload to the gallery—2-3 hours edit time for each hour of shooting time. Which is included in whichever package you chose. If you need assistance in staging your space with interior design details to make your property more marketable, a staging fee add-on can be purchased as well for your real estate photo shoot.


Square Footage           Number of Photos           Price

0000 - 1500 sq. ft.                     10                              $85

1501 - 2500 sq. ft.                       20                              $100

2501 - 4000 sq. ft.                       30                              $125

4001 - 5000 sq. ft.                       35                              $145

5000 sq. ft. & above                    55                               $250

Discounts available for the shooting of multiple properties.

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